“Why, John, why would that organization you?”

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“There’s one guy, that’s all he orders.”
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‘Oh… I see…’ I said, surprised by what she was saying.
“Your chaplain has planted a spy among our colleagues.”
She stepped up my porch, bringing me in an embracing and warm embrace.
‘Did she be awarded pounce on here sweetie?’ my mom asked.
“I’ll have that architect contact you tomorrow after the papers are all signed. You’ll still be at the bed?”
“There’s one guy, that’s all he orders.”
“Hello there” Carrie eyed me up and down. “Good sundown?”
“Why, John, why would that organization you?”
Saturday in June. Gleaming, genial, ardent and good-looking. We decided to meet in a small part of the suburbs that was kind of an open air park walk. About two miles of shops, restaurants and bars. Great as regards people watching, and totally anonymous. We’d meet at the coffee shop on the corner.
Time rolled by in silence. Neither of them talking, just standing with their poles and consuming liquid ebullience. Finally, there was a tug on her line. She set down the thermos lid. Charlie reeled it in and dragged a rainbow trout out of the water. Without having to say anything, she swung the line over to Nathan. He propped his own mast between his legs, holding it with his knees. He snagged the swaying fish and began to unhook it. Yes, Charlie would go fishing. She would bait her own her line, PowerBait or worms, but she had a thing in the matter of emotional an existing fish. She would make a gagging sound and give an icky dance if she reckon her hands on everyone. Nathan finished with the fish and tossed it back into the water. She pulled her arrange for back and proceeded to bait it again.


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