“What about the Commonwealth Control?”

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“Meredith. People holler me Em. John and I topple landed on this island,” Em said stressful to make her arrange they both shared hardship.
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“No but I feel very, very full right now,” I giggled.
“You have made that all too plain, Lucy, and on the compulsion of me I do not get wind of why.”
What the luncheon lacked as a experimental, the opera — or more precisely, the post-opera receiving line — more than made up for the purpose. Before the curtain, the conductor had turned to the box in which Caroline and Sir Edward sat, and the audience had quickly turned his salute into a raucous cheering. Sir Edward pulled Caroline to her feet to own up to the applause and allow the opera, much to his chagrin, to begin.
“Aren’t you supposed to be working?” I asked with a grin.
“What about the Commonwealth Control?”
Cass stared at herself in the full length depict that covered half the wall in her swank bedroom. A weaken beam played above her lips as she looked at herself. Cass’ honey blonde hair was pulled up in a chignon, with a few tendrils liberal free to surround her face. Her suggestive eyes stood out like pools of water surrounded by her smoky eye make up, and her lips were pink and glossy. There was a faint blush on her cheeks that spread down to kiss the tops of her perky breasts that were spilling out of her tight diabolical dress. The black dress was dangerously low cut, and melted into her every curve and ended mid-thigh. Her long silky legs seemed to go forever until they ended in black stilettos.
Lucy peered around the door from her listening post.
Russell skimmed through the cables in behalf of the next week until he start what appeared to be two unlinked incidents. The outset a report quoting an un-named but influential ‘knowledgeable horse’s mouth’ which stated that the Prime Cleric of a tiny African territory was accused of accepting money from US based companies in return for the granting of certain concessions. The money was supposed to have been placed in the Country’s General Revenue but, the report supposed, it was in fact deposited directly into a numbered Swiss bank account.
I wrapped my arms around her tightly.
“Meredith. People holler me Em. John and I topple landed on this island,” Em said stressful to make her arrange they both shared hardship.


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