‘Ugh!’ he screeched, and fell to the floor.

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“And the gunports, Matthew? Most Biscayans don’t have quite so many guns.”
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‘Ugh!’ he screeched, and fell to the floor.
“Yes, sir.” This more aggressive attitude excited her. She had not seen it during the last month. The closest was when he fired above the stuff the day he took her family to his house, to what she considered rest-home, now.
“It seems amusing that that mystery should come from you. It is the CIA.”
“A trip on the side of four people to tackle rock climbing, hiking and dirt biking,” Chad laughed and kissed the side of his forefront. “Are you coming?”
“I give some thought to what you mean. Who is in safe keeping of this place?”
“And you really have in mind I should infer from it?” She sounded bemused. “What good would that do?”
“We knock in enjoyment over the next couple of years. I mean, we liked each other gush enough, but love took its own time coming. We had the two girls and… well, you identify the rest.”
“I want to give you my introduce now,” Blaine said to Chad, and grabbed the rectangular gaily wrapped present and handed it to him, with his thumb nail in between his teeth, Blaine watched nervously as Chad shook it then tore into the wrapping stationery like he did with every other present. “You got me the new iPhone?” Chad asked in stagger, Blaine just nodded. Blaine squeaked as Chad landed on him and kissed him hard on the lips, his tongue sliding into his mouth once he knew it.
“And the gunports, Matthew? Most Biscayans don’t have quite so many guns.”
“No, I just wanted to thank you for the soda in my lodge.”


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