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“I hate to tell you this but you’ll be lucky to see either a grouse or a salmon for everyone here. The nearest thing to a wild being is the odd rabbit or hare in the fields.”

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Tina urged Blaine and Thomas from the kitchen into the living room, Blaine without hesitation sitting next to Chad, Thomas sitting on the floor next to the sofa. Chad frowned and pulled Blaine onto his lap causing Blaine to squeak and scowl at him.
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He looked back down at the door, pursing his lips briefly. Those lips.

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He looked reduce embarrassed as he caught her meaning. He placed his hand on hers.
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‘Yeah? You gonna cum all over my fingers?’ I asked.

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‘Yeah? You gonna cum all over my fingers?’ I asked.
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Butch looked at me. His obscene eyes darkened. “You’re unquestionably getting laid tonight,” he growled.

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Four jaws dropped to the floor.
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“Tell me about the date.” She changed the subject to rid them of the inept break in conversation. Sabrina decided that it’d be best to descent the point and move on to something else so she replied,

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The fat man squinted his piggy eyes at Raeden doubtfully. “He’s a mod,” he stated again.
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