valentines rhymes

“Because I didn’t want you to lose your feet.”

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I mentally talked to myself as I began to cry quietly.
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“Butch runs a greatly prosperous business. He’s going to help me.”

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“Ha ha! It sounds like you’ve got the tally bug, son!” Marc’s dad chuckled.
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“What’s the incident, don’t you want to marry me, or is it the prospect of meeting my parents that scares you?”

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Jonathan Digby, Esq., was a man predisposed to displeasure. He had originally had high hopes for his provincial practice, assuming that it would produce him into junction with those he considered his betters. He fully expected that those gentlemen would recognize a kindred spirit in their centre, and succour him ascend the ladder of social and political influence. Rather than, he inaugurate himself no more than a step atop absolute penury, relying for his bread on the crumbs thrown his way by the local merchants who gnome him as a cease-rate solution to their tawdry problems.
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He felt older than his 50 years when he finally looked up from his desk.

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He felt older than his 50 years when he finally looked up from his desk.
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