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“He’s a good man, Bethany… and they’re cruel to find, mainly for us.”

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“Wow!” Charity said, “If only everyone else knew what I recollect; there’d be a stampede!”
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That made Colby laugh and her eyes twinkled as she answered. “Not this; that will be our sisterhood secret. Teasing her that you are interested, setting aside how, is quite amusing. I don’t ponder I can stop that.”

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So there you are. Harry Zheng is alert and well and pretending to be the President of Orient Pacific Imports. I’m surrounded by relatives, friends, and unique employees. It’s all come by accident, or at least that’s what if feels like. Who’d be enduring reason a marine biologist would be caught up in strong finance and eminent business management. I persuaded on no account did.
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He turned to shoot me a enquiring glance. “Who told you that?” And then he groaned. “Caitlin.”

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Ella didn’t respond right away. “Did she link her lover?”
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