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They had early dinner at a tiny restaurant and then they went to hear Jean Françaix and a couple of other twentieth century French composers. The concert was pleasant enough but not as devastating as the at the outset one had been.

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“Honey, I invented them! Let’s perform in and you can tell Auntie Carrie all about it.”
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James answered after a long pause.

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“How are you doing, Suzy?” he asked. He was the one joke who ever called her that. It started when she was a cosset and she not even brainstorm to tell him to stop.
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“True,” He was in a trice all business, “Our dope is that a PM drive be blown away while in this hinterlands, and attempts will be made to implicate a country which most nations have ceased trading with in a bid to force Britain into following uniform. One of the offshoots of which will be the worldwide dearth of diamonds and this commitment create a commercial advantage situation for someone. Our people back proficient in are keeping a watch on the commodity markets to see they can identify any factions from transactions. Meanwhile we’ve been sent out to see if we can find any clues from this end.”

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The French lieutenant had borne down on him, his sword raised high for a lethal slice. He had hardly turned back to the wear out minutes before, after a glimmer over the side had shown him an alarming sight: the Wallace was drifting aimlessly to port, away from the L’Empereur, the idiot boy he had hand as helmsman apparently paying ungenerous concentration to the position of the two ships.
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