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“No, no, just hire out me…let me get dressed and then I’ll let you in and we can talk.” Bethany said, her heart still beating hard in her chest.

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My plane touches down, and I’m when all is said heading home, the entire ride home, all I can think nearby is my beautiful wife, her thin 5’3 frame, her beautiful shoulder length blonde hair, and her crystal clear blue eyes, and her very nice b cup chest, which fits her frame perfectly.
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“Why is it that there is usually at least bromide drunken idiot to yearn for it in behalf of the rest of the passengers, not to speak us long suffering crew.” She picked up her flight business and followed them. “Do you know what one of them indeed did?”

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“Anything else?” He asked, jotting down the order on a small unornamented notepad. Then he shelve back the pencil on the curve of his consideration.
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I couldn’t take anymore of this. I grabbed her hand and pulled it off my dick. I reached and caught her other wrist, and pinned both of them above her head against the wall.

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“Good because you’re trying something new and, hey, sometimes it’s…wow!…And no strings attached either…which can be good…I suppose…”
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