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“I wanted no part of such an extreme plan. Be subjected to you no feelings benefit of your fellow man?”

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“Oh God,” Colette moaned, her eyes closed and her arms spread out. Her breasts moved up and down with her labouring breaths. Wyatt repeated the motion again, thrusting a little harder as he went back in. Colette whimpered and arched her neck. That was all Wyatt’s body needed as a go-ahead, as he took her tangled and firm. His cock ached on account of release, and the pleasurable sound of flesh slapping against flesh filled the dank bathroom. Colette felt the tell-tale butterflies in her suffer and her cunt began to flutter against his cock as he slammed against her. Colette’s whimpers became lusty cries, and Wyatt moved a handy down to flick her clit.
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I categorically, honestly hope that he comes back.

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“So basically your family are nudists, and you and Marc had sex when you were both rummy. Anything else I need to discern?”
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