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“Have you at all slept with a girl?”

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The children were eating good food and it showed in the new brightness of their eyes and smiles on their faces. Their initial shyness had disappeared and they were now impatiently waiting for ‘Uncle Jim’ to come home with Aunt ‘Bet’ny’ each evening.
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‘Yes… I scarcity to talk to you if that’s okay…’

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“Indeed.” Caroline inclined her head slightly. Perhaps Lucy had been mistaken in her reading of Sir Edward’s word for word. Although it seemed equally likely that these two ladies were mistaken regarding Sir Edward’s intentions. It was toilsome to imagine the dashing post-captain and this woman as a couple. And yet it could also be accurate that Sir Edward had been a little too effusive in his letters to his sister, and that Miss Pelham had seized upon an possibility to warn Caroline off the field.
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It was just as well I hadn’t yet enchanted another mouthful because I’d indubitably have choked again. “Not simple,” I admitted warily. “Not so long as–I finances–so long as I…” This was silly, I thought as I floundered over the words, heat rushing into my face. Luke was a surgeon, there was no need to be embarrassed.

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After almost ten minutes of utter hell, Marc and Annie came upon someone into the room. I sniffled and snuffled, wiping my nose on my arm. They’d come in with damned serious faces, but when they saw the state I was in they both rushed to me, hugging and kissing me.
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“Mm. Are you going to shindy for me?” he asked with a smirk.

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Andro nodded. “That happens, doesn’t it? Something often interferes…usually something a little more,” he turned around, scratching his chin, “in your face.” He looked around the room. “Something like this bar. Am I right?”
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