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I looked at the phone.

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I looked at the phone.
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Cathy looked at herself in the bedroom mirror. Legs that looked pretty damn agreeable for a thirty-five year getting on in years — even if she did have to dress in thick tights to silence the scars from the operations. Eighteen months of physiotherapy and exercise after the operations had been beneficial. Her diagram looked easy on the eyes good again now as well. She had to use a lot of make up on her face, and the surgeon said she’d all things considered always secure to, but she felt good about herself again.

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“Thanks to Miss Carrolton, we found a way to give everyone a gather up of 10 cents an hour.”
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“Why Etienne Pettijohn,” she began in mock shock. “I didn’t know you liked sluts.”

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‘No Nathan… I’m with someone else…’ I said, looking down. ‘And I’m very exultant with that person..’ I added.
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