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“Pass over Bethany, this is for you. Where did you think you were going to eat?” His face was so innocent that whatever apprehension she had about staying with him disappeared in a shimmer.

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“Please have a look at it,” he tempted.
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The following week, Colby was in Suzanne’s office going over the final details ahead the user group meeting next Tuesday. Colby had just stepped out to get the explanation to one of Suzanne’s questions when the phone rang. Without looking at the give someone a ring, Suzanne picked it up. “Suzanne Wilson speaking,” she said in a matter of fact raise.

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“PJ… Don’t be mad at me,” Jen said in silence, her eyes padding with tears.
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“You did…? How did she take it?” Lili asked slowly. She was in scare. She was definitely not expecting to hear that.

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James stood in the doorway, unsure of himself, of the post, of his future, of his life.
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“Are you out of your have any objection to? You like my touch, I know you do. Why not get high on it while you can?”

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Taking Suzanne’s present in hers, Colby spoke again. “Forever. I want forever.”
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