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“Kiki find creditable me, someone would play a joke on to put me under six feet of concrete for me to miss that day.”

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Clara blushed a resplendent red, causing Big-heartedness to remark:
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‘Sure…’ I said, following behind him into his house.

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“Not recently,” Thomas grumbled and urged Blaine from the bedroom so Chad could get dressed.
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She seemed to and responded with the apt word for island. Em replied, “Oui.”

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She seemed to and responded with the apt word for island. Em replied, “Oui.”
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“I hope they didn’t make too much mess before you caught them.”

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“What am I reputed to be looking at?” Chad reached over his shoulder and pointed to the guild in the horizon.
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This lady-in-waiting was unique. Unlike the others he had seen, she was neatly dressed after Sunday church in a dark blue skirt and sweater. He noticed that she had not gotten her hair straightened and wore it in a natural frizz. So numerous colored women had tried to emulate the expectations and styles of their redone employers and had their hair chemically straightened or ironed out.

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“Well, what’s the difference?”
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