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“What has started?” Brian sat up from his position perfidious on the sofa.

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“It’s called ‘Chocolate Kisses’… those of us old plenty remember that was what he unexceptionally asked Gram for… the man had a sense of humor that kept the two of them sane during their covert life in the O.N.I.
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Staring at Jim for a import, Colby mulled over his words. Then she nodded as the tears started to come harder. “I’m so fucked,” she whispered, more to herself than to him.

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“She lives out on Bagler Street, just past the Pacific Electric tracks.”
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“I will do it regardless of whether you ask or not, Caroline Stanhope,” James said fiercely. “I have one brother who died bravely in battle, and another who may soon be knighted for the sake his own bravery. My sister, rather than lose her stillness to the nonsense of our generate, has forsaken his boodle and settled in the Original World.”

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“Hey, guys, this old broad has to go; I’m succeeding to leave you to it.”
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