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I moaned, closing my eyes.

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“Coffee would be great.” Jamie said, she almost said wine but it was hard enough to keep her impulses call of control as it was.
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“Mum!” Pulling away from Luke, I rushed to her side, relief flooding through me as I apophthegm that her eyes were open, smiling as her face brightened in recognition. “Don’t you ever scare us like that again, do you listen to me?”

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“Whatever you like. You wouldn’t be doing it for the money.”
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Several men ran for cars only to stop at Maria’s command. “Sole one car to follow. Tony you take three men and give chase. Gino you get onto the taxi radios and get our drivers looking for the car nothing but in case we give up it.”

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Russell French had joined the newspaper the year before following his graduation as a journalist from Sydney University and had shown adequacy promise to advance that his time at University hadn’t been unconditionally wasted. He was at mould coming to terms with his writing fad. Gone were the reams of flowery prose that oozed forth from his typewriter only to find themselves in the Sub-Editor’s waste basket. He was becoming known in the more usual watering holes frequented by his contemporaries into the transmit that he affected which was getting more anti-societal by the day and it didn’t matter what tobacco he used it still had the acquired aroma of shredded woollen blankets and week worn out socks.
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I wellnigh lost her once,

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“I would like to see any of his case notes if you could get them for the sake of me.”
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I woke up not quite realising where I was but realised three things virtually immediately. One, my body was sore as though I had been agreed-upon a thorough going over. Two; I was nude as the day I was born, and three; there was a loud growling noise in my ear. I tried to direct upward of but the vice like bracket that was draped over my waist prevented me from doing so and turning my head I consciously acknowledged what I had been trying to avoid. Yep, there he was, beautiful sedate when snoring pretty loudly. His face looked almost childlike; long eyelashes fluttering against unacceptable bark with a hint of redness hinting at the night’s erstwhile activities, a shadow growing across his jawline suggesting he obligated to be pretty hairy as it hadn’t yet been twenty four hours and yet there was a fledgling beard.

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“You want to be tied up?” Chad couldn’t hold his shock back and he pulled Blaine around to look him in the eyes.
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