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Lili smiled. “Thanks, Maria.”

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“Yeah…honourable,” he says, eyeing the money tucked into the cleavage of her corset, at the front. “So…$2000,” John says, circling his interfere in around the crown of the bifocals. “I assume your boss told you?,” his eyes not meeting hers now.
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“Yes, sir. See you then.” She hung up the phone, feeling happier than she could continuously remember.

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William Mines Realty, Los Angeles
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“He told me some interesting news as well.”

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“That’s cruel, and demeaning to women. I don’t want to consent any more of this sort of talk from my future squelch.”
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“Cool one’s heels are you saying we should — ” she cut Bethany off with a “yes”.

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“Cool one’s heels are you saying we should — ” she cut Bethany off with a “yes”.
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