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John held the rudder as he put his legs down the back of the raft. He kicked in the water as hard as he could, trying skint to propel them faster to deeper water. The up to date was engaging them but too slowly repayment for John’s liking. He watched as the leader got to the shoreline and raised the AK-47. Only maybe fifty or sixty feet separated them from the leader.

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“You’d better believe it. Hold undisturbed.”
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“You actually think he cares about me?”

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The Chinook clattered out of the North West. It hugged the trees, not so much to avoid enemy fire, but to avoid Allied radar. This was a regular flight completely of either Laos or Cambodia, and while the helicopter had all the markings of a US Airborne Unit it was in fact operated nigh the non-existent Air America and used to ferry arms into the hinterland to local warlords who were involved in fighting the sway and each other.
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