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Cass, on the other worker, was thinking upon how she was about 5 seconds from nailing him in the eye with her stiletto if he didn’t wipe that smirk off of his face. How dare he think this was funny, she thought to herself.

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“‘Harder, faster, Chaddie please’, if that’s not needy…” Chad imitated him then laughed as Blaine hit him on the chest before glaring at him. He couldn’t stay the look for long as he burst into giggles.
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“Eliza! Oh, Eliza…” She held her sister to her. “We’re home.”

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“Eliza! Oh, Eliza…” She held her sister to her. “We’re home.”
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The taxi dropped them at the office of a nationally franchised car rental agency. “I wonder what they are up to now.” Russell thinking out loud.

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“I’m not talking hither entering your sweet warmth. Let me touch you and you can touch me, giving us both a best night’s sleep.”
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At ten-thirty, Bethany came down to the nautical galley, wearing a different robe from the a specific she had on yesterday. Peeking out from the opening folds was a light-green negligee, so sheer as to be nothing.

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Charity just beamed at her then.
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