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“I don’t think so. I forget so many things…”

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“I thrust I had time to convince you that I’m not like that,” Piper told her. “But that is something time shows, not words.” She paused and pursed her lips. “Bad shit?” she asked.
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“You. I think I’ve always belonged to you. And you to me” She said.

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When she did speak, it was a unreservedly distinctive tenderness. “Why did Jim call to mind a consider you needed to tell me in fine point? Press I done something that would lead him to think this would be a problem for me?” Suzanne asked. She couldn’t think what it would be. There were other gays and lesbians in the company and she couldn’t recall any problems. Had she betrayed herself somehow?
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“No prob,” Charity said to Meg. Then she turned to Helen and said:

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“What’s this ‘what you’ve found out? I’ve done most of the thinking and all of the angry work so up to so I’m coming with you.”
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