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“Solely if you want to keep working here… well?” He knew things weren’t that simple, though. Nothing ever is.

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Roger, as so often seemed to be the event, deferred to his wife. “Well, we think we can dress in her onto the individual list seldom so she should get the first operation as a service to her ligaments done within the next fortnight.”
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“Eliza, will tell me the facts in fact. Don’t badger yon her, she’s still sound asleep.” At least, she was when he left her.

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“No, acknowledge gratitude you. This was more than I’ve eaten in a week and I don’t recognize when I’ve had meat last, when we get some it goes to the children.”
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Tori stuck out her tongue and tugged on Greg’s hand to hurry him up, but Greg was hindered by Carrie’s handy on his wrist,

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“I wish I had time to persuade you that I’m not like that,” Piper told her. “But that is something time shows, not words.” She paused and pursed her lips. “Wild shit?” she asked.
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Gerry looked up as Donna returned to the table.

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“No,” she gasped, “don’t… mind pushing… harder. Do me.”
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