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“Turn over. Spread your legs,” he growled huskily.

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The man who spoke was slightly built, his slender body clad in cream slacks and a shirt of pastel swirling hues that did nothing by reason of Russell’s consciousness. His long tapered fingers were adorned with gold and diamond rings and the nails were lacquered in an wellnigh transparent pink. His blonde hair was the result of his hairdresser’s artistry in pigmentation and style. His message was delivered in a quell American accent which contrasted with the menace of the presentation.
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“Oh fuck,” Wyatt breathed, leaning down to suck on a delicious nipple. With one hand still manipulating Colette’s clit, he acclimatized the other to teach himself into her cunt. Colette’s back arched at the feeling of delicious fullness, and Wyatt groaned appreciatively at the hot wetness gripping him. Inch via inch he moved inside, not wanting to sound too right and have her exchange her mind, but she was already way ahead of him. Colette had conditions felt so incredibly sexual. She knew that Wyatt had yet to take her virginity, and her centre was screaming in spite of circulate. She lifted her hips and wrapped her legs about his waist, trying to urge him into her faster. Wyatt’s body reacted immediately and poke the loafing of the way core, room him deep inside of her. They both lay still, adjusting to the sense. Colette moved first, grinding against him.

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“Before he went out your father got a phone call from someone who he intelligence was Russell saying that you were missing. He was on his way to help look for you.”
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