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She put her fingers on her belly, tracing them upwards slowly. Edward gasped as they reached the underside of her breasts, and then curved inward, as she cupped the white flesh in the palms of her hands. He stared in wonder as he saw her nipples poking through her fingers, stiffening as they were squeezed between them. His cock jumped as she pushed her breasts together, rubbing one against the other.

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Meg was there in an pressing, and the others also. Clara watched transfixed, while Meg unbuttoned the spotless white blouse that Helen was wearing, without even a word from Helen. The blouse was tugged out of the skirt and given inaccurate to one of the other ‘wolves’.
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“We’re on the balcony! Anyone could see!” Laura protested.

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I turned quickly even though I already knew he couldn’t be there, the sheets beside me cool to the be up against. He’d obviously been up for a while.
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Our hands blurred as we quickened our pace, both trying to bring ourselves to orgasm. The only echo in our room was our spartan breathing and the slurping sounds of our pussies.

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‘Shit yes yes Lizzy just like that! Don’t stop!’ I moaned aloud, and gripped her skin of one’s teeth.
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