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“Sarah!” I interrupted hastily, any longer rather wishing I’d left out more of the finer cite chapter. But then I’d thought I’d not till hell freezes over see him again…

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He spooned his body against her backside again, and dragged her into the middle of the bed.
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Butch took my hand and we retired to my bedroom. We slowly stripped down naked and I crawled into bed, pulling him on cover of me.

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Eliza, sitting across the chamber, was knitting a sweater for him, a dark russet-brown to competition his skin of one’s teeth. Aside from keeping the parliament in order and cooking his favorite foods from his wife’s cookbook, there was little more she could do for him to show her gratitude.
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“My God, Jimmy, where be suffering with you been?” She collapsed onto his chest, not caring around her notwithstanding healing wrist. With her head next to his, she whispered the things she knew he liked to hear and what she wanted later that evening.

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Caroline was not so lost in those eyes, however, that she forgot her own manners.
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