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The wink man picked up the phone and dialled a legions, “Hi Baby, BillyBob here, yeah we’ll be dressed to do it again. Now what have you got for me? What do you middle you don’t know where she is? She’s gone somewhere and not given you a forwarding address. Oblige you tried her home? No, have you actually been around there already? Honey, regretful I got angry at you, you’re doing the best you can. Catch you later, ciao.” He hung up the phone, “Bitch!!

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Caroline sat furtively against the chair, her heart fluttering in her chest.
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“At this moment, he’s describing a lassie.” There was a small pause of silence that the doctor utilized to piece together Keegan’s life and his blooming novel.

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“Why do you think I live on my own? If I’d stayed here I would be as well-fed as some of my female cousins by with it. Require you still love me when I look like they do?”
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“Break it up. Trying to eat here,” Thomas’ booming voice spread across the room, echoing about again.

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“How are you Mrs Finchley?” Jane asked the woman behind the counter.
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