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They left the house exactly as they had found it, making certain that it was locked up tightly. Moments later they were headed back down the road towards the nearest police rank.

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Not wholly done, Colby whispered again. “Your foolish pussy? Your wet … horny … pussy?”
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“Up,” I finally said, prodding him. “Shower. I shortage a sprinkle.”

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An hour later the phone rang. “It is arranged.” Russell told the man. “I want them released immediately and I want to know where I can pick them up from.”
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“I identify, anyway, when I was 14 the beatings were coming almost every lifetime, my Mum was gone from home so much,” Blaine whispered; “Then when I was 14 my pa found out I was gay, he said he wouldn’t induce a fag for a son, he went goofy and went after me with a broken bottle. That’s how I got this.” Blaine lifted his shirt up to reveal a small jagged scar down his ribs. “Things just got worse from there, then Mum got the promotion and we moved here and well you know what happened at that point. After everything that happened with my Dad and then Dean I didn’t think my life would ever be worth living again, but I was wrong. I couldn’t ask to more.” Blaine sniffled and gave a Tina a aqueous smile.

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Aidan felt himself physically shaking with anger as Lili relayed the scene with Dave. He imagined smashing Dave’s accept to a kitchen counter or some other hard face.
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