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“Mmm, that was a nice goodbye.” Blaine whispered gazing up at him with lust filled eyes.

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“Mmm, that was a nice goodbye.” Blaine whispered gazing up at him with lust filled eyes.
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It was mid afternoon now and the light in the room was golden. This had been the best lazy Sunday for ever.

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“Before you go I am going to ask you to communicate with no-one, no mention will be made of any information that you eat seen or heard here today. You can leave the files here when you leave if you don’t mind.”
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Greg was kicking himself, nerves having got the better of him. He was pacing in his office and had been doing so for the past hour. He had rules – his life was run by rules and the no blind date rule had been in the top ten. He had always resolved to himself that he would the provinces to those rules; don’t expire on them – they’re always a fuck up, and yet here he was, breaking his commonly so that his friend could continue to get laid by means of his old lady. Frankly it was ridiculous; although if Greg were honest with himself, if he had a wife that looked like Veronica Collins, he’d do everything to certain he kept her gratified too!

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Scott rose suddenly and bent forward so that his surface was on the contrary a few centimetres away from hers. She sank further back into the directorship and he followed.
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“Not hungry, John?” she asked. “I can pin you something else, if you’d like.”

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“Oh so it’s alright now that you have trapped me in to marriage an eye to you to pig out and get plenteousness?”
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