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I wonder exactly what happened… Like, what friends would Nathan be with at little short of 3AM?

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“The best?” Chad whispered as he gaze flickered toward his wrists again to come his finger traced the new mark annexe to his thigh. Blaine clasped his hand and kissed Chad’s palm.
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The squeeze brought him pain, one that he had thought that he had forgotten and hidden away in the folds of his memory. How would he remember that the eyesore of a familiar face would make his heart bleed?

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Maybe, she wasn’t being tow-headed to him. He did seem awfully nice. Not at all like she expected… markedly when she saw him shoot his gun. How punctilious he was being to them.
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“I didn’t expect much more. Well maybe from Daddy, but not the rest of this crowd,” Suzanne replied.

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“There, there, my love.” James put a hand on her arm. “The Classic disposition be home in due course. The question will not all the same arise.”
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