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With his right hand cupping her left core, he turn down and took her dark nipple into his mouth, rolling his tongue across the tip, bringing it even harder, even prouder as he scraped his teeth against it causing her to induce another orgasm.

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“Be concerned straight cookie!” Chad kissed his cheek and grinned.
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He sat there with her placid on his lap, her arms around his neck, her revealing powerful lips so rigorous to his… he sat there, thinking about everything she said. His heart was still beating hard and she could feel his erection pushing against her butt, its pulsing rhythm joining hers as they both slowly descended from their mutual arousal.

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“Allocate it a miss, like.” Jenny and her parents came out to greet Russel’s mother. “Jenny, Mr and Mrs Petrelli, I’d like you to meet my mother.”
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All votes and comments rather much appreciated!

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I locked my legs around Jay’s hips, as our tongues explored each other’s mouths. I could feel Jay’s massive hard-on and ground my pussy against it.
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‘Mom… Oh my gosh… This is all my fault…’

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‘Mom… Oh my gosh… This is all my fault…’
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