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“Understood, and thanks.”

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He saved me. As soon as I had heard his voice, the whole else in the dream faded away. There was no more blood, no bodies, no explosions.
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“Damn,” he laughed, “acting like a wife already. Man can’t even get…”

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It was William’s turn to ripen into lost in memories.
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“If she were not my brother’s widow,” William explained.

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“Oh shit,” I said jumping to conclusions. “Nobody’s torture or anything are they?”
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“It’s plain as the nose on your face, Bethany Rose; you’re in love with him and there’s nothing you can do about it.”

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Luke pretended to be offended. “Hey, you dream up I can’t take him?” he said, sliding up his sleeve and showing me a bulging bicep. “Just state the command, babe. Just say the word…”
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“Have a sympathetic weekend,” Suzanne told her.

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He suddenly wanted to kiss her least badly at that moment.
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