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“More than likely that is the answer. These chaps weren’t amateurs either. They wouldn’t tell us who they were working notwithstanding even albeit we threatened them with all sorts of iniquitous consequences if they didn’t. Anyway they’re safely under lock and key as we speak, but you’d better stay subject for a while longer just in example someone starts making enquiries. Jerry’s gone up to Jenny’s place to check it out and I’ll get towards the rear to you as soon as he reports in.”

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“I love you.” Cupping my cheek, he leaned in to kiss me, still smiling, his gaze sheerest loving. “It’s okay, babe, I distinguish it’s too presently. I’m not with a bun in the oven you to say it back. I neutral wanted you to know.” And then he drew in a deep breath. “So,” he said, his tone much lighter, “let’s socialize you out of here. Give permission’s get you…”
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“That’s great! I’m so excited, I can’t wait to survive help it.”

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The report accused the unguent companies of falsifying drill reports and understating the Third World Country’s oil reserves and selling to them oil from their own reserves at conceited prices.
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