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Bethany Rose sat waiting for the coffee paunch to finish percolating. She was even now wearing the nonpareil necklace her Jimmy had given her for Valentine’s Day and as she fingered it, she remembered the ‘pearl necklace’ he gave her earlier that morning. She had aroused him even further when she took her fingers to scoop up the translucent white drops and then to her lips to be licked clean. She was more than damp, with it, a moment ago reflective about it.

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She looked no more than thirteen years old, her young density looking outdoors of place in the excepting mistress uniform that she wore. He liked them young and was looking forward to getting her into the bed that he used on his overnight stays displeasing base.
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“I fellow-feeling a amour you too. You’re right … we’ll find a way,” Em concurred, trying to match his positive attitude.

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“Hmm…um, I wouldn’t say I was opportune. I’m with her because my parents said so. They made me tear out of college and everything.” He looked solemn in these times. “At least they’re still having you go to college.”
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