things to make for your boyfriend for valentines day

“Not as smashing as you, darling, not as beautiful as you.”

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“Daddy, you remember I hate airplanes!” Chiara replied with a giggle.
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She thought back to the night before… He had sat down on the edge of the bed and watched her on the bedspread as she smiled at him.

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The one’s nearest used it every summer, leaving Schenectady after the children ended classes in June, not returning to the city until late August. It was necessary: Their lives drew them singly.
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She smiled back at him, “Ok,”

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She smiled back at him, “Ok,”
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Within minutes the slapping of backs and cries from the women people competed on more or less equal terms with the sound of the popping of spumante corks. The wine flowed, glasses remained full and the people got fuller. The shindig kicked on in earnest.

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“What’s that about Cornwall?” I barely jumped ended of my skin at the sound of Luke’s amused raise tory behind me then shrieked as he clapped something distant against the back of my head first reaching around me after my right hand. “Ice,” he said with a chuckle, even as I felt him press another bag of the chilly cubes against my knuckles.
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