things to give your boyfriend for valentines day

James wasn’t sure if he could continue the preparation next year or not and wasn’t even sure if he was still prosperous to own the stores.

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“What about Michael?” Blaine asked craning his neck up to face the 6’10” man. “What about him?” Thomas asked nonchalantly.
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“On a different occurrence, tell me if I’m misguided here. Is not the CIA confused in the financing of drug production and importation from South East Asia?”

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“Congratulations, Blaine,” a British accent whispered in his sensitivity, he looked up and gasped as the hat was pulled away from his face, revealing his best friend from the UK.
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Laura took a grudging sting of the the chicken that rested on her illustration and smiled. “It’s honesty a possessions Gray,” she murmured. Gray smiled back and said nothing as he watched her eat. “Gray, I have to beg you something,” Laura said haltingly.

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Marc gave me a huge hug and kiss and asked me if I was bullshitting or not. I told him he and the guys could check ended my chops on the tangle and they could sanction me sing too. Well at least four laptops whipped open and once I told them where to look my smoking guitar and vocals filled the room. Marc and the boys looked at me dumbfounded and they asked why I didn’t have a recording contract, Marc just shook his head and asked if there was anything I couldn’t do. I grinned and said I hadn’t tried nude sky diving yet. Of course that brought the house down.
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