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“Sometimes I love it, but sometimes I don’t. I assumption it depends on the day.” She laughed to herself as she thought of something. Quincy watched her with a smirk on his full brown lips.

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Benevolence trailed a hand, while talking to Helen and rubbed it up and down Clara’s stomach but one of the ‘wolves’ winked at Clara, who blushed, causing the ‘wolf’ to make a mockery of.
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“Challenged, if you command. An attorney from Exeter has entered an appearance on behalf of the Earl of Prescott, claiming that the will is a imitation.”

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For a little while, they talked about work and the meetings next week. Just before the bread was delivered, Colby looked Suzanne in the eyes. “Do you brainpower if I invite something personal?” She felt a insignificant fretful, knowing the turmoil that was below Suzanne’s surface. She couldn’t help but notice how quickly a guarded look came into Suzanne’s eyes after she asked.
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