the date of valentine

•It was suspected in a recorded averral by the driver of the garbage truck, that police had prevented earlier trucks from emptying the bin for dissimilar days and the garbage men were instructed to take some clutter from the top of the bin but they were to leave the rest of it undisturbed.

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“Pleased to tourney any sugar-daddy of Janey’s, that’s not to say that there’ve been that many mind you. You look like a man that would like a pint.”
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“You really think he cares about me?”

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Somehow, deep inside, Susan realized that Bethany Rose may have been a colored woman but she was quiet a woman, a woman who needed someone to remedy her.
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He wanted to ask her if she was sure but she began to squeeze her legs together. He couldn’t clout back after that and exploded again.

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Two children are lost in the woods…
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