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This rout was in two stages; the opposition Liberal Party had pounced on leaked information (nearby the CIA?) about what became known as the ‘Khemlani Loans Affair’. This gave it the leverage that it needed to block supply in the Senate, where it held a majority, and so denying the government the funds it needed it to govern.

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Still, feeling loved didn’t help Suzanne with feeling worthy of love. The self-destructive impulses were getting fewer, but it was hard to windfall a scheme to forgive herself for what happened with Chloe. They did not happen as often, but there were still nights when she woke up in the bull’s-eye of the night haunted not later than a dream of Chloe. Sometimes as she bolted straight up in a cold grind, her first consideration was a want that Colby was there to hold her. A feeling of shame always followed it. Large of why was a renewed hunch of betraying Chloe, but the other half was wily that she wasn’t praiseworthy of Colby.
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“Where are we going?” Jenny asked.

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“What is it?” Jenny came and sat on the desk that Russell was seated at. Russell pointed to the reports on the screen.
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The fretting regarding it made it easier to not fall asleep fairly away. When the flight attendants came through, Colby ordered a span of the fruit and cheese trays. “Hopefully she will assert less about eating one of these,” she scheme. The other options nothing but looked too heavy. Colby stacked them on her tray and closed her eyes. Dialect mayhap she got more sleep than Suzanne had, but it wasn’t much more. She tried to banish her worries about Suzanne and let her brain calm down.

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“Do you understand the situation you’re in? You have a girlfriend. A girlfriend who you cheated on and then put in the hospital. You believe she’ll be in love with you after she finds out all that? Not to acknowledgement that you lied to her about it to save your own ass.”
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