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“What has started?” Brian sat up from his position perfidious on the sofa.

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“It’s called ‘Chocolate Kisses’… those of us old plenty remember that was what he unexceptionally asked Gram for… the man had a sense of humor that kept the two of them sane during their covert life in the O.N.I.
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Bethany stood up, cleared the table and after excusing herself, went upstairs. James watched her rove away.

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John smiled at me. “I have done this before, you be informed.”
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“It’s beautiful, isn’t it?” Alice said. “It’s really what sentience is all about. And then — most times, I suppose — you na‹vely don’t comprehend the right road. But we both chose right. And we both start the crock of gold at the end of our rainbow; especially now its a given rainbow someone is concerned the two of us.” She looked at him with so much love in her eyes that it made Dave bloom propitious.

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‘I wanted to come here. After you told me what he did to you, how could I not earn?…’ Lizzy said, bringing me closer to her.
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