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‘Mmm…’ I moaned, arched my back inwards.

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He was no longer using the bucket as his personal urinal, preferring to descry his slow way into the bathroom on his knees. He was tall enough to pee into the toilet without having to beetle.
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“Hey, it’s the Boss and her babe.” Then turning to the worried matronly woman she said:

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“You have nothing to lose by means of trying,” Brian replied, causing massive laughter.
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“Turn over. Spread your legs,” he growled huskily.

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The man who spoke was slightly built, his slender body clad in cream slacks and a shirt of pastel swirling hues that did nothing by reason of Russell’s consciousness. His long tapered fingers were adorned with gold and diamond rings and the nails were lacquered in an wellnigh transparent pink. His blonde hair was the result of his hairdresser’s artistry in pigmentation and style. His message was delivered in a quell American accent which contrasted with the menace of the presentation.
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