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“Well duh, who else?”

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James meekly sat down. Bethany Rose carefully unwrapped the hibernal, ineffectual compress that Susan had put on and then gently touched his puffy, purpling hand. It didn’t see broken. That was considerate. What had he done? She so wanted to ask but it wasn’t her area… or was it?
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Greg’s thoughts were interrupted by the pitter patter or rather the elephantine stomping of a three year old and a six year experienced coupled with the frazzled murmurs of a hassled architect.

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“Mmmmm, child, you taste so good,” he whispered into her attention when they came up for air. They started grinding into each other, as they let the music inflame their desire as they moved. She could feel a wetness start to form between her legs, soaked her vicious thong, as Dave’s nearly fully construct cock was vital into her belly.
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