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“Approving morning sir,” Cassie said, barely able to hide her shock at Chris’ appearance. Customarily, he was very well groomed, not a hair out of place. Standing before her now, he looked like he had not slept for days.

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“Mr. Whitson,” Caroline exclaimed. “How delightful to aid you back. Are you finished in France so quickly then?”
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I nodded weakly, worrying my hardest to regain govern, the fresh melody on my right side helping, the dizziness already easing away. And as he carried me, I gazed up into his face, stricken away the concern in his eyes. “Where are we?” I whispered, managing to raise my head just enough to see we were heading for a park bench.

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“Good morning, I’d like to arrange for the disinterment and transport of three graves, please.”
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“The president wanted to come, today but I asked him, politely, of course…”

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“Sure honey, I like you.” His hand had found a convenient nipple to sleep around with.
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“As long as you’re sure,” Chad rubbed his hips gently and watched as Blaine’s cock stiffened slowly and lazily. As if it wasn’t satisfied model continually. “And spill the beans me that itemize,”

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“I don’t take orders from you and I work alone,” Matt said, his voice low.
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“Well, if you should be looking for a job I might be able to stop you out.”

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“‘Do you not believe that your Mr. Wainwright deserves a command?’ says he. ‘You particularly mentioned him in your letter.’
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