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“I didn’t expect much more. Well maybe from Daddy, but not the rest of this crowd,” Suzanne replied.

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“There, there, my love.” James put a hand on her arm. “The Classic disposition be home in due course. The question will not all the same arise.”
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One of the Consular staff members entered the room and whispered into the Consul’s ear. “Shit, shit, shit and fuck!”

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Each night she prayed notwithstanding James. Prayed that he would be happy with them every day… prayed that he would actual a long, happy life with Bethany, with her, with her children. Prayed every night to keep him safe…
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“What should I have done? Run away? Slap the camera out of his hand? They were protected; any normal anthropoid would never mind them.” She looked in the shop door.

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“Someone is selling some bad hash on the streets.”
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I looked at him and then at his fist, unsure whether he was serious. “You wouldn’t?”

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“Do you mind if I make notes?”
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