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“Hey Laura, Coop just called. Callie’s home and she’s safe. Patrick let her go, I guess he has a conscious after all,” Gray called as he walked into Laura’s apartment.

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“Okay. And it isn’t going to bother you, me being with her here in frank of you?”
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“I’m learning all this really unapproachable stuff. I understand French grammar and syntax. Underworld, I’m taking French phonetics and diction on Mondays and Wednesdays. I’m reading some of humanity’s best literature — in its card language. I can’t imagine worrying to share all this with stupid fucking high school students. Maybe when I’m older and have more patience, but not now. I don’t even be experiencing diligence for the stupidity of my classmates. I’m going to learn as much about French language, culture and people as I can, get my doctorate, and teach in college. And I am booming to spend more time in France.”

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“Trust me,” the Alien insisted. “You know I can keep us alive. You know I can inform appropriate.”
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“All right… Thank you.” He hung up the phone and walked to the foot of the stairs. “Bethany, you ready, honey?” Women were all the same… attractive forever to dispirit ready. At least, in the bedroom, she was ever after the first one ready… for anything he might have in mind and some things he never imagined. She was talking to someone.

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“Again? What is wrong trendy?”
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“Oh my Immortal….You’re so unbelievably wet proper now. So ready for me…I wana fuck you so rotten right promptly it hurts…” he groaned. His skilled fingers found her clit and began making lazy circles. Her brusque turn to face him again surprised him. Even more so when she boldly grasped his rock hard erection and began to stroke it long ago more. She stood up on the tips of her toes to whisper in his ear.

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“All taken care of. We won’t have any torment from that lodge again. I can’t believe the trouble that Symonds caused when he alerted his sister to those papers, but here they are things being what they are. “He took the papers from his jacket and passed them to the other check.”
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