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“Sometimes I love it, but sometimes I don’t. I assumption it depends on the day.” She laughed to herself as she thought of something. Quincy watched her with a smirk on his full brown lips.

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Benevolence trailed a hand, while talking to Helen and rubbed it up and down Clara’s stomach but one of the ‘wolves’ winked at Clara, who blushed, causing the ‘wolf’ to make a mockery of.
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“How are you doing?” Colby asked Suzanne. It was impossible not to see the discrepancy from when she left for the cut a rug floor. Suzanne’s arm was now almost Piper’s waist, holding her close. Her eyes kept being tense back to look at Piper, who was clearly excited and enjoying the attention from Suzanne.

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“The reverend’s wife is coming, if you can wait.”
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“I happen to like them,” Caroline said. “And I cannot usurp but think the theme of this sole appealing to you. Cosi aficionado tutte is about nothing more than the predictability of the so-called weaker coitus, darling.”

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He looked around. There was no solitary there as far as he could tell, everyone was at the party in the salon.
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