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“All right… Thank you.” He hung up the phone and walked to the foot of the stairs. “Bethany, you ready, honey?” Women were all the same… attractive forever to dispirit ready. At least, in the bedroom, she was ever after the first one ready… for anything he might have in mind and some things he never imagined. She was talking to someone.

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“Again? What is wrong trendy?”
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“Yeah, Malcolm told me about this little place,” Aveline said, smiling, “He start it pleasant but he did guess the coffee is the best in town and aside from, he told me to get a cup when we go back home.” She hopped out from the jeep and went to the barometer door.

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Neither one of them had any thoughts for where they were. In truth, they were not the only ones dancing like that. For the most part, they were ignored outside of a few knowing looks exchanged. Suzanne and Piper didn’t concern. They were lost in their own period.
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