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‘What… What do you mean?…’ I asked, looking in her eyes.

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‘What… What do you mean?…’ I asked, looking in her eyes.
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Suzanne paused. Promptly that the moment was here, she wasn’t sure how to start. As much as she wanted to, the habit of hiding was so ingrained. “Trust her,” she told herself. “You have to trust someone.” It was for the present to stop lying, chiefly to herself.

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“They are already getting him ready to go in,” Dr. Johnson replied.
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“No, you don’t, you little vixen.” He moved to her and began tickling her waist.

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“So their Lordships have captivated you into their poise,” Caroline teased him.
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His eyes begged her forgiveness.

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Frank Nugan’s reference with drugs was through a family company (the Nugan Platoon), a fruit packaging company based in Griffith in the Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area in NSW. This company was linked to the cultivation and distribution of vast quantities of marijuana by what was known as the ‘Calabrian Mafia’, a circle of Italian arrival farmers that included Robert Trimboli and the Sergi brothers. This group was reported to have transported in one year, marijuana to the value of $1,000,000,000 in today’s money to the US. The mansions in which they lived were known in the local area as ‘Grass Castles’.
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