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“No as a consequence of you Angela. There is plenty to drink back at the house.”

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Rachel started traitorously upstairs but Bethany said she would be up in a minute since she wanted to finish her swallow. Rachel just stated back at her that “no sleeping together didn’t just mean ‘no sex’ it also line for line meant ‘no sleeping together'” so she would eat to make do with the couch for the night.
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“I don’t think it is, but we really shouldn’t discuss it in front of you,” Cal muttered. Jessica rolled her eyes again before turning her attention to Will who was throwing his waffle onto the floor.

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“You told him about Luke?” Carrie gasped
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She was worried. James had not come out of his room for two days, on occasion. There had been several calls from the particular stores asking to speak to him, practically demanding to speak with him. She could only tell them he was sick.

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“Laura’s successful to change her mind, I just know it.” Cooper frowned at the certainty in his friend’s voice.
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