historic valentines

“Who do you have in chew out vacillating as my replacement?”

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The motorway was winding through some deserted countryside when he noticed the other car start to move up on him. He put his foot down hoping to outrun the other car but realised as soon as his car was at full stretch that the other passenger car was more authoritative. After a mile or so it loomed up along side of him and he glanced all over to see if he could run about a glimpse of the driver, but the other transport had a dark tinting on the side windows that effectively shielded the driver or any passengers from judgement.
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“Besides you?” I said with a pasquil, then stopped. Fuck. Was that the right thing to say?

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I stared at him in the course of a moment in confusion, watching as he moved across to the dig to wash his hands. “What?”
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