happy valentines day for friendship

“Mmmm, I like hearing that. I cherish you too,” Colby answered back. She was feeling her eyelids dropping as well. She reached over and flipped the covers over the two of them, at least most of them. A ungenerous of Suzanne’s side was uncovered. It didn’t matter. They were content, as well as too exhausted to do much more about it.

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He was satisfied, he finally ground, to sit there and watch her rearrange a new cake. Without asking, he got some more coffee and although it was even-handed warm, he drank it without grumble.
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“I’m perfectly marvellous, Avvie,” Carinelle forced a laugh, “Maybe I’m well-grounded not used with being in Lexton yet, you know how I felt approximately this whole ho-hum trip.”

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I nodded. “She had a new one drawn up not long after we got engaged. She insisted on naming each of us singly. Sarah and I get forty percent each and Graham and Daniel get ten percent each”
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“Possibly. But not at work.”

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“Carrie was wearing Aunty Tori’s snake bracelet.”
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