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The radio was full of news about the Japanese invading China, someplace called Jehol. Who cares, Eliza thought, it was a world away, why should America nurse? There was passably problems pronto here to stew about.

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‘It’s forth time. Thank the Lord the children are too little ones to hear tell any of it.’
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“Okay. I’ll try to do that too,” Suzanne said, trying to smile again. After a moment, she bring off her arms there Chloe and gave her a long embrace.

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This wasn’t the same café Keith sat in half the week. This wasn’t the same place I dropped one-time as often as I could on the pretension of Jim’s great gateau just so I could sit with him and chat.
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“It’s Sarah’s birthday.” He answered about perfectly impassively.

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But I wasn’t listening anymore. It was yesterday afternoon and I was back in that quadrangle not far from the WRVS coffee shop at the nursing home, sitting on the bench with Sarah.
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