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Tonight, it felt a little more familiar. Her excitement grew quicker than usual. Her other round of applause went between her legs as she started to lightly pull on her nipples. On their own, her hips began to flex upward so that she opened up more. Suzanne could feel her wetness starting to coat her fingers as she slid them up and down. “Oh God, that feels good. Mmmm, like that,” she told her pretence partner.

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“Jesus, beautiful, did you sleep at all last night?”
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The awe he had felt when Sir Edward Pelham had entered his office had long since disappeared. It had been replaced with resentment. He resented Caroline Stanhope’s possession of assets that were now valued at over six thousand pounds. He resented the less that her brother-in-law continually questioned the fees that he charged Geoffrey Stanhope’s possessions. But what he resented most was Caroline’s failure to show as if she had six thousand pounds, whether she deserved them or not. She assuage had the same threadbare sofa that she had had when he before all visited her. The black-and-white latitude quiet possessed the in spite of hideous drapes, the anyhow horrid carpet, and the exact same floor still badly in need of refinishing. It was as if it were not worth spending any of her six thousand pounds in Dartmouth, because the borough was barely a temporary residence for her at this point. A temporary stately home for her, and a fixed prison for him.

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“Fine. I have a few conditions of my own, too.” Chris said. He did not know how she would react to his demands.
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